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Superman #700 Cover Magnet

Superman #700 Cover Magnet - Magnets Superman
It's DC Comics' 75th Anniversary and they're celebrating by giving classic comic covers a contemporary kick! Measuring 2.5 inch ac...

Price: $4.99

Superman Flying Flat Magnet

Superman Flying Flat Magnet - Magnets Superman
Here we have the 6.5 inch wide by 3.5 inch Superman Flying Flat Magnet which features DC Comics' Man of Steel flying forward...to ...

Price: $4.99

Superman Magnet Chain Break

Superman Magnet Chain Break - Magnets Superman
Measuring 3.5 inch x 2.75 inch this magnet features an image of Superman breaking the hell out of some pesky chains. I mean when a...

Price: $3.99

Superman Magnet Flag Backdrop

Superman Magnet Flag Backdrop - Magnets Superman
Nothing could be more American! Measuring 3.5 inch x 2.5 inch this Superman magnet features the Man of Steel flying in front of th...

Price: $3.99

Superman Magnet Punching Wall

Superman Magnet Punching Wall - Magnets Superman
The 3.5 inch by 2.5 inch Superman Magnet Punching Wall shows the Man of Steel practicing his Wii-mote swing. Nobody is ever going ...

Price: $3.99

Superman Man of Steel Magnet

Superman Man of Steel Magnet - Magnets Superman
Measuring 2 inch wide and 3 inch high we have the Superman Man of Steel Magnet! Here's Superman with arms akimbo standing by the S...

Price: $4.99

Superman Man of Steel Symbol Royal Blue Magnet

Superman Man of Steel Symbol Royal Blue Magnet - Magnets Superman
At 3.5 inches wide by 2.5 inches high the Superman Man of Steel Symbol Royal Blue Magnet is a delightful fusion between the new Ma...

Price: $4.99

Superman Man of Steel Zod Symbol Kneel Magnet

Superman Man of Steel Zod Symbol Kneel Magnet - Magnets Superman
You know what the password is for General Zod's sweet tree house? No it isn't 'banana crunch breakfast cereal' but that is pretty ...

Price: $4.99

Superman Symbol Magnet

Superman Symbol Magnet - Magnets Superman
Coming in at 2.75 inch x 3.5 this magnet features the overpowering mind melting Superman Shield Symbol! Stick this Superman Magnet...

Price: $3.99