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Star Trek Neck Tie

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Star Trek Blue Tie

Star Trek Blue Tie - Neck Tie Star Trek
Starfleet's Sciene branch gets a lot of chances to dress up...that's why you need the Star Trek Blue Tie! At 58 inch long by 3'' w...

Price: $19.99

Star Trek Insignias Bow Tie

Star Trek Insignias Bow Tie - Neck Tie Star Trek
Be prepared for Federation State Dinners with the Star Trek Insignias Bow Tie! You never know...there might be some Klingons there...

Price: $11.99

Star Trek Red Tie

Star Trek Red Tie - Neck Tie Star Trek
Complete that fancy two piece suit of yours with the Star Trek Red Tie! Measuring 58 inch long 3'' wide the Star Trek Red Tie is f...

Price: $19.99

Star Trek Yellow Tie

Star Trek Yellow Tie - Neck Tie Star Trek
Are you one of the rare individuals that knows how to tie a tie? Do you also love Star Trek? Then you need the Star Trek Yellow Ti...

Price: $19.99